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Gurl you so nasty. Take a pic though I wanna see ��

Sadly I deleted all his nudes once we stopped seeing each other. It’s just something I do when I leave a relationship…It feels like the right thing to do.

NSFW random thoughts

Warning, sexual stuff.

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I love social justice (I really do love me some debate and controversial topics) as much as the next person. But tumblr needs to learn how to do it right and not twist the truth and lie about every goddamn thing. Especially when you can google and find out the truth about anything once you read some of these so called “social justice” post.

(I am saying most of them are more hateful than actually helpful to anyone.)

Just like that Django actress who was actually CAUGHT by several witnesses having public sex with her white husband and pulled the race card because several people called the police and complained. Now the officer is being falsely accused of something he didn’t even do, he was doing his job. But tumblr was so quick to defend her right???